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  • How do I register to run-walk and fundraise?
    HOW TO REGISTER IN 6 EASY STEPS! Click to Register here! or click the "Register" button on our GoFundMe Charity page Choose the ticket that best fits. There are 4 options (SCP/RFS Family, SCP/RFS Individual, WMS Family, and WMS Individual). Individual tickets are $25, while family tickets are $50 and cover 2 adults and 4 children. Please reach out to for scholarship and discount options should you need them. Click the “Fundraise as Team” button after inputting the participant information. Choose your child’s class. If you have children in multiple classes, please choose one. Check your email for the subject line "Your New GoFundMe Charity Fundraiser is Going to be so Good" and click the “Start Fundraising” button! You’ll be redirected to GoFundMe Charity and asked to make an account. This is where you’ll create your personal page to invite friends and family to donate to our campaign! Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be able to edit your personal page under the umbrella of your child’s class team. Click on your initials in the top right hand corner and select “My campaigns” from the dropdown menu. From here, hover your mouse over the square labeled “Fundraiser Page” and click on the “Edit” button to add images and edit the text on your page. You may also choose to click on the "View" Button on the top right to see your fundraiser page, as well as share it with your friends and family! Share your fundraiser page on your social media, by email, and even through text! Invite friends and family to join us by registering to run-walk or by donating to your class team! Be sure to let your friends and family know your child(ren)’s class name so their donations go to the right team!
  • Who can participate?
    Strollers/Jogging Strollers welcome! And - we will have a LIttle Friends Run-Walk for children 0-6 years! Our Treetop 5K Run-Walk is for all members of our local and greater community. Run-Walk with little ones, middle ones, and elders.We encourage the participation of family and friends of all ages! This is a great event to gather your friends and family around as you come together to support equity in education and children in need at our southern border.
  • Whose program is this?
    The 1st Annual Treetop Run-Walk 5K is an event organized by independent educational associates: Studio Creative Play, Inc, The Roberts Field School, and The Workshop Middle School. Although Studio Creative Play and The Roberts Field School are separate educational entities from The Workshop Middle School, these centers partner as associates to build their schools and missions; standing for and promoting interdisciplinary academic learning, social justice, and creative consciousness as necessary foundations of holistic education. These centers are continuously growing their programs and communities to offer more diversity, equity in education, and peace-based learning approaches to students, families, and communities. They believe in actively teaching, guiding, and inspiring the change that is necessary for greater peace, equality, justice, and change that must come about in our world, particularly within the sphere of education.
  • How much are registration fees?
    The 1st Annual Treetop Run-Walk 5K is meant to be economical for families. We have registration categories for families and individuals. Family registrations are offered at a group price of $50.00 for 2 adults and up to 4 children. Individual registrations are offered at one price of $25.00. We want to encourage the registration of various people and communities, not only those who can afford the registration fee to Run-Walk with us. The event does have sliding scale and scholarship registrations for individuals and families. Please reach out to for discount and scholarship options.
  • When and where is the run?
    Treetop 5K Run-Walk educational associates will launch the 1st annual event in Prospect Park on Sunday, April 19, 2020. As a central location equidistant from the location of both programs, this landmark expanse of Brooklyn will offer the great early spring field of nature, community, and adventure!
  • Why should we participate?
    Participation in the Treetop Run-Walk will bring joy, inspiration, and a greater sense of community connectedness to you and your family. You will also benefit from the uplifting success of knowing that this event offers positive change and support to educational centers devoted to peace-based initiatives and equity in education. You will give back directly to a crisis on our planet involving the care of migrant children at the border and help improve the conditions of their lives. Joy, adventure, practice, and activity are vital elements of a healthy and connected community, as well as integral to the nurture of the family. As families, we need to participate in events in the outside world that bring us closer to others in the community, that challenge the breadth of our goals, and extend our reach for various horizons. Community events such as these that allow for the participation of the whole family also allow us to get to know and forge a connection with other people with whom we would otherwise not necessarily share in this type of activity, time, and intention. Whether you intend to run or walk with us, this is something to plan and practice for and to look forward to! This is the perfect event in which to invite the participation of other families and friends. Together you can join, rejoice, and raise funds for the good in the world. What a fun way to come together in Brooklyn – Run-Walk with us! Whether you are public or independent school parents, standing up for and supporting missions within the general educational sphere for children that allow for equity and peace to be foundations of learning is largely giving back to society. Our mission strives to awaken areas of education that remain elusive because of lack of resources or because of pressures that make these ideals and practices less core and central to education. Also, through our mission as we receive we always give back. We are passionate about the compassionate treatment of families and children everywhere. So for this reason, 10% of our proceeds from the event will go to Save the Children – Border Crisis Campaign.
  • What is the format?
    We will gather in Prospect Park prior to our 9am start time on Sunday, April 19, 2020. All registrants will have a comprehensive list of schedules, formats, activities, rules, and regulations well in advance of the day of the Run-Walk. With a host of volunteers, we will gather in groups to get ready to begin the Run-Walk. Volunteers and marshals will review rules, make sure that runners and walkers have everything that they need, and the program schedule will commence. There will be adjacent runs for small children with their parents as well. A safety and first aid patrol and a good cheering squad will be active throughout the event. All those who cross the finish line will receive medals!
  • Are there any training events?
    As the Run-Walk is further in production and development, we will be launching family Run-Walk training workshops. As a registrant, you’ll be made immediately aware of any workshops as we post them.
  • What do I need to do to participate?
    In order to participate, you must register yourself and all members of your family who will be running or walking with you. Be mindful to read email updates and instructions about the upcoming event, including the final update that will be sent the night before the event by 8pm. Wear comfortable clothing and sneakers that allow you the maximum movement and performance. Check the weather and make sure that you and your family, especially children, are appropriately dressed for the early spring weather and daily forecast. Bring water bottles (we will not offer plastic water bottles for the event, but there will be water stations available), snacks that you and your family might need, and any changes of clothes to allow for your greater comfort.
  • How does my registration work?
    When you go to the Registration Page you will be instructed to choose the educational entity for which you’ll be running or walking. This allows any of the funds that you raise to go directly to that school. As well, please remember that 10% of all funds raised will be donated to Save the Children - Border Crisis Campaign
  • What do I get as a part of my registration package?
    As a part of your registration you will receive a Treetop t-shirt, bib with your running number, and a medal when you cross the finish line. T-shirts may be picked up prior to the event day.
  • Is this Run-Walk safe and city permitted?
    This will be a city permitted event. All aspects of our event will be properly administered and permitted by Prospect Park and all necessary Brooklyn special event offices of governance. The Run-Walk will be organized and produced with the highest safety and security standards in place. There will be first aid available at the event.
  • Where does my money go and how do I know that it gets to where it is intended?
    All funds raised by the Run-Walk For Peace & Equity are monitored, managed, audited, and allocated by the Board of Directors and Advisory Boards of Studio Creative Play and The Robert Field School. Full reports on all funds raised and their allocation will be posted on our websites, as well as the website page for the Treetop Run-Walk. After the event, once all raised funds are accounted for, results will be posted. A declaration of the 10% proceeds donation to Save the Children will be published on the webpage, and specific denominations donated to SCP, RFS, and WMS based on the participation of community members registering to support these specific schools will also be published. We look forward to publishing a funds raised meter on our websites as we begin the fundraising campaign. Through the meter, registrants will be able to see how much money will be raised to date for each educational entity as well as Save The Children. SCP/RFS Board of Directors listed below: John Muraco Marla Kessler Masai Turner Daniel Murdock
  • How can I further support?
    If you’d like to become further involved, please email us at: to determine if we have any volunteer roles and tasks available. We’d be so happy for the additional support!
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