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The Mission Behind Our Run-Walk

Studio Creative Play & The Roberts Field School, in association with The Workshop Middle School, are two independent educational institutions that believe in supporting diverse populations of families by offering them a choice in where their children are educated and enriched. While SCP/RFS and WMS are distinct and separate organizations, we strategically partner in building our schools in a way that allows our missions to thrive, our populations to grow, and our infrastructures to strengthen.

As independent schools, we believe in and build missions based on this foundation of equity in education. With a deep passion for and a strong devotion to how and why we educate, we want as many diverse children and families to have access to our philosophy and approach as is possible.

Core to our missions is the continuous enrollment of families and students that would otherwise not be able to attend without generous scholarships or sliding scale tuition rates.

If society is to be fair, just, and equal, regardless of a family’s socio-economic status they must have the option of applying to and selecting from quality educational centers that resonate most with their vision for their child’s schooling. By providing a large percentage of our program’s population with scholarship and sliding scale enrollments, we actively support this equity in education. If families believe in our independent programs, this equity in education provides them the opportunity to follow their vision for their child’s holistic nurture and academic and intellectual development.

For this type of education to continue to exist and succeed, we rely on the generosity of donors, benefactors, and fundraising projects. We kindly request your support in building our educational mission, which ultimately evolves world peace and justice.

Join us in raising funds for our schools, as well as for children in need at our southern border.

Run-Walk with us this spring!

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