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The Promise of Studio 
Two Decades of Story

Studio Creative Play’s mission is to nurture creative consciousness in early childhood. Children grow the most rapidly during this extraordinary formative Window of Opportunity. Here, the deepest messages and impressions are being sealed within their very being about what relationship and learning should hold beyond their family, with the community and out in the world. It is important to celebrate this developing expectation and the power of the child's own creativity --- creativity will go on to be their greatest lifelong tool. 

As individuals, our children are extraordinary and inimitable gifts to the world, as are their friends to the world and each other. What responsibility they have to the world in all that they will learn and grow on to be. Studio is a triumphant symphonic experience; its curricular and experiential fabric pulls from the multitudes of expressive forms and physical constructs in art, nature, science, music, and building to holistically comprise a bounty of ornament and information to grasp hold of, play with, and create from. With these elements of life, Studio harmoniously steeps the child in community responsibility, friendship, collaboration, compassion, and peace. 

For these last 19 years, in the many facets of our programming in Brooklyn, and in partnerships with global neighbors in Mexico, Nepal, and Iceland we have held community and offered our learning center with over 2000 families and hundreds of educators and artists.  

The teachers and guides that lead this experience offer intrinsic talent and inner light. They offer their cultivated expertise in educating within Studio’s mission. They are responsible for consistently imbuing the blooming child's perception of life as one that securely rests upon a foundation of safety, creative joy, and companionship. Our family and caregiver community is made up of those who are passionate about Studio's contribution to the formative contribution of their family's life. These families know and belief in the lifelong rewards of formative nurture and development predicated on the practice of intentionally inspiring the best experience possible in an early childhood learning community. 

Our Children &
The Window of Opportunity

Studio’s Founding Steps & Tenets 


Nurture of Creative Consciousness &

The Window of Opportunity

Studio is devoted to the nurture of creative consciousness in the most formative stage of development in the young child - a unique “Window of Opportunity” in the most rapidly period of neurological development of life. To what are we opening the child’s senses and mind as they spring forth into their understanding of their own expressive capacity, the experience of others through relationship and community, and the diverse experiences of way of life throughout the world.  And how are we using the foundations of creative enrichment and loving-kindness as guiding tenets as we open 

More on The Window of Opportunity

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The Embrace and Celebration of the

Individual Child Within the Enriched,

Creative Community

Through the embrace and celebration of the individual child within the program community, the child becomes awakened to their unique voice and expression, their inimitable imagination and creativity through:

  • The teacher as a consistently present guide  and a commitment to full presence with child.

  • Foundational holistic guidance and nurture in all areas of learning, practice and play.  This is  a  cultivated compassionate awareness practice for child, teacher, and community together. (Mindfulness).

  • The pursuit of intellectual and artistic adventures and  explorations through  research and projects in arts, architecture, music, science, geology, geography astronomy, nature, and the humanities.

  • Marination of the child and the whole Studio community in the diversity of peacemakers, change makers, arts, scientists, musicians, artists, writers and poets, famous and non-famous, from all walks of life, culture, ethnicity, and parts of the globe that make up the joy, progress, and various facets of expression of our world.   

  • Studying the world, its forms, structures, systems — in nature, and the ornament of humankind designed things as well. At Studio, children celebrate these magnanimous spectacles of insight and beauty. 

The heart of Studio’s mission is to regard, love and nurture the child’s innate higher capacity to intelligently and creatively perceive and to express themselves — to offer a positive impact on their community, and one that ripples out to the world.

Studio is an extraordinary landscape of creative play, knowledge,

learning and rejoicing. 

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