A Unique & Comprehensive World of Creative Enrichment

Studio Creative Play is dedicated to enriching the lives of young children and parents through a warm and loving Holistic Process Approach to creativity-based programming.

Through exploring and playing, the Studio experience inspires and grows the imagination, and guides parents and children to create together in ways that insure an ever-evolving life process of inspired self-education.

Inspired from a decade plus of unique and comprehensive creative programming dedicated to the holistic enrichment and education of children and their parents, the creators of Studio Creative Play Inc. launched The Roberts Field School.

The Roberts Field School offers children a progressive and holistic approach to an academically rich and invigorating program, coupled with a schooling experience centered upon art and creativity, science and nature, music, mindfulness practices, and global connectivity. Key to the programming structure is the daily immersion of the classroom in the outdoor field of nature. We at Roberts Field believe that the intellect, creative capacity, and individual proclivities of each child thrive most when a direct and consistent connection with and access to nature is nurtured as a landscape for regular kinesthetic exploration and whole learning.  The teachers and mission of Roberts Field richly guide and inspire learners in a continuous love for academic fulfillment and creative expression, with the neighborhood and the globe as an extended studio school.