A Unique & Comprehensive World of Creative Enrichment

Studio Creative Play is dedicated to enriching the lives of young children and parents through a warm and loving Holistic Process Approach to creativity-based programming.

Through exploring and playing, the Studio experience inspires and grows the imagination, and guides parents and children to create together in ways that insure an ever-evolving life process of inspired self-education.



  • community and creativity-based programming centered on the holistic nurturing of the young child and their parents/caregivers.
  • a comprehensive creative-expression curriculum.
  • dedicated and expert relationship-based guidance in art and education.
  • theme-oriented, multi-faceted creative play sessions.
  • special event series.
  • early childhood creative play enrichment guidance for parents.
  • documentation of the creative process.
  • a spacious, inspiring, and versatile play-space.
  • a program structured towards the convenience of parent and child.

Studio Creative Play offers a comprehensive program, educating and enriching children and parents without evaluations in process. Instead of being goal oriented, the program is grounded in experience, allowing projects and activities to organically evolve from the flow of ideas and natural interaction. Whatever a child absorbs or learns during their Studio experience becomes a positive contribution to their holistic growth and helps the parent understand and facilitate their own child’s creative process.

With a vast spectrum of programming for children 2 to 7 years old, we are passionate about the collusion of art, science, and nature in learning. We founded our program on guiding children and parents in play, research, experimentation, and art to elucidate how art, science, and nature are all connected. Core to our educational philosophy is awakening the young and growing child to the interconnectedness of life, relationship, creativity, and nature around our globe.

Creative play with the active encouragement and participation from the parent maximizes the benefits to a child’s emotional, social, spiritual, and cognitive development. As parents, no other engagement of activity is as important and as effective as this direct form of presence and nurturing.

At Studio, parents are encouraged by teachers to be focused foremost on the children, assisting them in their exploration and using the language offered through Studio’s guidance to grow their child’s playful and imaginative experience.

At Studio Creative Play, documentation of art and expression are key components to the experience. Creative portfolios exist as tools and records for the parent, teacher, and child to revisit the various stages of the child’s creative development.

Because Studio strongly emphasizes documentation of the creative play experience, photography, tape recording, and videotaping are a regular part of the program.

Inspired from a decade plus of unique and comprehensive creative programming dedicated to the holistic enrichment and education of children and their parents, the creators of Studio Creative Play Inc. launched The Roberts Field School. Visit us for more information.