We believe that a creatively inspired life is one of the greatest joy and capacity. Learning, growing, and creating together at Studio, we provide stimulating and unique experiences that honor the individual and nurture the imagination.

We believe that creativity begins at birth and is a lifelong, evolving process.

We believe in the child’s vast depth of perception, voice, laughter, and language. We also believe in his or her inclination to soar when offered an early co-learning process that supports creative foundations for exploring life.

Here in our Studio an integrated approach to creativity abounds as a way of life and as a natural catalyst to magical, organic expression for all.

This includes:

  • Art
  • Creative Movement
  • Musical Expression
  • Yoga
  • Sign Language
  • Drama
  • Storytelling
  • Nature Exploration
  • Science Exploration
  • Mindfulness Practices
  • Documentation

We believe in the art of the conversation as one of the greatest approaches to shared learning and exploration.

We believe that artists have a large reservoir of energy, knowledge, and gifts to share with families.

We believe that providing a warm, loving, and open environment where every child feels listened to and individually known is the most important aspect of our Studio.

We know that engaging the child in this unique world of creative play with the direct participation of family and instructors dramatically increases the quality and indelibility of the experience.

As a relationship and non-results oriented program, all of our families are special and an extension of respect and personal understanding is granted to each. At Studio Creative Play we meet as community, friends, co-learners, young and old artists of life to celebrate what it means to: