All orientations and tours offered by Studio are led by SCP Director and Founder, Khahtee V. Turner. Khahtee and Studio staff present comprehensive information on the Venni Studio and Studio Terra Kindergarten history, mission, philosophy, and program approach. Co-teaching staff are also available for questions.

Tour Schedule for Fall 2019 To Be Announced

Application Process
All families are required to send an application to Studio Creative Play in order to be considered for enrollment. We will acknowledge receipt of your application. 

The current application process is for:

Venni Studio Twos – Fall 2019
Venni Studio Threes and Fours – Fall 2019
Studio Terra Kindergarten – Fall 2019

Please note for families interested in applying for Kindergarten:

  • The tour we ask you to attend is the Roberts Field School tour.
  • The application to be filled out is for Studio Creative Play.

Placement in the program is not conducted on a first-come, first-serve basis. We will announce the placement notification date, which will be some time in late January or early February. We do our best to make a notification date that is concurrent with other preschools. When the application deadline has passed, we again review all of the applications. As a relationship-based program, we prioritize currently enrolled families, siblings, and returning families. Once these members are placed, enrollment is open to new families.

Families are placed from the group of applicants to create balanced classes in terms of age range, gender, and cultural diversity.

When we offer a placement for September it is with the understanding that it will be for a commitment of September – June. September 2019 through June 2020 is a 36-week program.   

Occasionally we have a January opening and welcome inquiries.

Prior to placement notification in late January/early February 2019, we arrange for all applicants to attend a Studio play group led by our director, Khahtee V. Turner.

We can accept applications after the deadline; however, prospective children are immediately waitlisted. If a space happens to open up, we will begin to contact families for possible enrollment at that time.  

If you have questions about the application process, please contact us at:

There is a $45.00 application fee that should be made payable to Studio Creative Play and submitted at the time of application. Application fees can also be paid for with Paypal, through

Applications should be mailed to:

Studio Creative Play
123 Seventh Avenue
PMB #109
Brooklyn, New York 11215