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Nurturing the
Light of Early Childhood
Since 2003

We believe that a creatively inspired life is one of the greatest joy and capacity. Learning, growing, and creating together at Studio Creative Play, we provide stimulating and unique experiences that honor the individual

and nurture the imagination.


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venni studio

threes & fours

WINTER 2024 & FALL 2024

VENNI STUDIO offers children and teachers the opportunity to research and expressively experience the vast artistic and cultural offerings of our world. Through a focus on learning about our whole globe, Studio provides a multifaceted preschool program that integrates art, music, yoga, movement, story, mythology, sculpture, architecture, and science into all curricular areas providing a creatively driven process for all participants. Core to Studio’s curriculum is a concentration on compassionate awareness in all activities, play, and expressive endeavors. Venni Studio houses a small group, two to three co-teachers with a maximum of ten children per class. This class structure fosters a rich and dynamic program driven by the children's perceptive insights and negotiated and guided by the co-teachers.

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studio at play


Studio Creative Play believes in the nurturing of creative consciousness as a practice that allows each child to have powerful knowledge of and access to their own imagination. We believe in the child's vast depth of perception, voice, and extraordinary facets of language. We believe in the child's inclination to soar when offered a compassionate early co-learning process that supports creative foundations for exploring life and awakening to the great diversity of the world. At Studio, this way is the way that we learn,  grow, and rejoice together!

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