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At Studio we offer a vast spectrum of programming for children 2 to 5 years old. We are passionate about the interdisciplinary web of arts, music, science, and nature in learning. Our program is founded upon guiding children and parents in play through these omnipresent, interactive elements and ornaments of life. 

Core to our educational philosophy is awakening the young and growing child to the interconnectedness of life, relationship, creativity, and nature around our globe.

Studio offers a comprehensive program, educating and enriching children and parents without evaluations in the process. Instead of being goal oriented, the program is grounded in experience, allowing projects and activities to organically evolve from the flow of ideas and natural interactions. Whatever a child absorbs or learns during their Studio experience becomes a positive contribution to their holistic growth and helps the parent understand and facilitate their own child’s creative process.

Studio's programming nurtures holistic creative capacity and consciousness through a intentionally structured experience, guiding the individual child within the group and community.

Key programming components are:

  • community and creativity-based programming centered on the holistic nurturing of the young child and their families/caregivers.

  • a comprehensive creative expression curriculum.

  • dedicated and expert relationship-based guidance in art and education.

  • theme-oriented, multi-faceted creative play sessions.

  • special event series.

  • early childhood creative play enrichment guidance for families.

  • documentation of the creative process.

  • a spacious, inspiring, and versatile play-space.

  • a program structured towards the convenience of family and child.

Family Participation

Creative  play with the active encouragement and participation from family members and caregivers maximizes the benefits to a child’s emotional, social, spiritual, and cognitive development. As families, no other engagement of activity with the child is as important or as effective as this direct form of presence and nurturing. At Studio, we provide ample time for family participation and we rejoice through bringing our families together through special events with their children as one whole community.  When families gather with their children and the teachers we request that family members be focused foremost on the children, being present and assisting them in their exploration and content of the experience. 

Venni Studio





 VENNI STUDIO offers children and teachers the opportunity to research and expressively experience the vast artistic  and cultural offerings of our world. Through a focus on learning about our whole globe, Studio provides a multifaceted program that integrates art, music, yoga, movement, story, mythology, sculpture, and science into all curricular areas, providing a creatively driven process for all participants. Core to Studio’s curriculum is a concentration on Mindfulness in all activities, play, and expressive endeavors. Venni Studio houses a small group, two to three co-teachers with a maximum of eight to ten children per class. This class structure fosters a rich and dynamic program driven and largely negotiated by the children.

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Through the mission of  Studio Creative Play, Venni Studio nurtures the conversation and relationship-based programming as primary tools to inspired learning and enrichment. Here, children are listened to and celebrated as individuals. They are encouraged to spawn ideas, reflect, and direct their own investigations. Throughout their time with Studio, children are also guided to collaborate, connect, and communicate compassionately and mindfully. Studio teachers support the child’s collective and individual holistic growth through

a perceptive, patient, and loving approach.

At VENNI, children are engaged by visiting artists, musicians, writers, and educators who allow them blended and expert perspectives in curricular areas. The inspiring indoor and outdoor environment is the full expanse upon which the Studio program thrives, both in the organic learning structure

it fosters and the creative freedom it promotes.

 art   sculpture   musical expression   creative movement    anthropology

ecology and the environment    geography   astronomy   architecture   yoga

sign language   storytelling   compassionate awareness   visiting artists




Venni Studio

Ages: Two, Three, & Four

53 Prospect Park West 

Between 1st and 2nd Streets

Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York

2019–2020 SCHEDULE

Inquire for exact  hours and dates of classes, sessions,

holidays and breaks for Fall 2019 - Spring 2020 program


About the Venni Twos!

With the exploration of  local and global diversity as a primary tenet of practice, learning, and connecting, the Venni Twos also celebrate through playful, palpable hands-on creativity. They thrive through being guided into discovery by regularly exercising their imagination amid the magical landscape of friendship and art!


follows the core philosophy, mission, and approach of Studio Creative Play, offering arts-based learning on a foundation of a loving, nurturing, and  stimulating, teacher, parent, and child community. With focuses on global environmental and cultural awareness, and social development within the creative group, children and teachers develop and refine compassionate communication. The unique and emergent voice of the newly five-year-old child is celebrated in solo and collective projects and field exploration. At Studio, our children’s growth is hinged upon their connection with their own creativity amid their friends, teachers, family, and the world.



FALL 2019


Studio Terra evolves out of the Venni Studio experience, through curriculum and schedules that provide greater structure, depth, and capacity for enhanced creativity, also incorporating formal academic learning. The key social-emotional focuses of the program are compassionate practice and collaboration with regard to all activities. 

A continuous active focus is placed on maintaining and contributing to the aesthetics and care of Studio. The

children and teachers maintain a consistent practice of caring for the environment and being resourceful with

tools, materials, and space as a part of this community practice.

In addition to the arts and community-based anchors of the program, children are provided learning in core academics. These curricular foundations, infused with Studio’s creative programming, inspire and prepare Studio Terra graduates for a strong and well-versed matriculation to a diverse group of schools and learning institutions.

 math   reading   writing   nature and field studies   art   sculpture  

musical expression   creative movement   ecology and the environment  

anthropology   geography   world studies   astronomy   architecture   yoga

sign language   storytelling   compassionate awareness   visiting artists

Studio Terra Fives Program

53 Prospect Park West 

Between 1st and 2nd Streets

Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York

2019–2020 SCHEDULE

Inquire for exact dates of  session, holidays and breaks for Fall 2019 - Spring 2020 school year program. 

Please note that as a bridge program, Studio Terra  is also included in both the Studio and

The Roberts Field School community and is supported and supervised holistically and academically by the leaders of both program administrations.





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