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Philosophy & Mission

Studio Creative Play’s principle philosophy is that children are happiest when lovingly nurtured and engaged in a stimulating environment where they can freely create, learn, and explore.


Guided by energetic and talented educators and artists, the Studio experience offers children, parents, and extended community the opportunity to develop together the early creative foundations that insure a life process of inspired self-education.

We believe that creativity begins at birth and is a lifelong, evolving process.

Here in our Studio, an integrated approach to creativity abounds as a way of life and as a natural catalyst to magical, organic expression for all.

There is nothing more essential to the balanced and joyous emotional, social, and cognitive development of the young child than the regular opportunity to grow through play. At Studio, creative play is the salient activity and exercise that naturally enhances the child’s confidence, development, and imaginative expression.

Studio Creative Play is committed to enriching the child’s imaginative expanse through a relationship-based program. Paramount to our approach is providing children with a spacious and enlivening environment, supported by the presence of gifted teachers who are passionate about connecting purposefully and compassionately with children and parents. In this alternative and versatile play studio, children have consistent opportunities to reconnect and foster secondary relationships.

All Studio Creative Play teachers are extensively trained in our philosophy and mission, which includes the primary tenet of interacting with children, parents, and caregivers in a mindful, compassionate, and patient approach that encourages co-learning and co-teaching.

With a Holistic Process Approach to authentic play and the arts, one’s imagination is the most important tool in this universal creative adventure. The theme-based Studio programs focus on a global exploration of our world, where it is never too early to inspire the mind of the young child to explore beyond their immediate, familiar world. The Studio experience makes big, wondrous ideas of our world accessible in a language and medium that children of each age range can easily translate and tangibly enjoy. The whole child emerges through theme-based sessions structured around play in the following diverse and integrated art forms:

Creative Movement 

Drama   Musical Expression 

Sign Language   Art   Video Storytelling   Yoga

Through the seasons, these ornaments of life become our tools, our voice, and extensions of our creativity. We rejoice through our imagination.

Studio Creative Play hosts special presentations featuring dance and theatre troupes, Mandarin Arts, magicians, artists, writers, and musicians, offering our children rewarding exposure to artistic series.

The quality of a child’s creative experience in Studio is exponentially heightened by the enthusiastic and committed participation of the parent and/or caregiver. Studio’s programs are designed to offer parents and caregivers a wealth of knowledge for interacting with the young child in a way that propagates their holistic development and strengthens creative parenting and bonding.

As a relationship and non-results oriented program, all of our families are special and an extension of respect and personal understanding is granted to each. At Studio Creative Play we meet as community, friends, co-learners, young and old artists of life to celebrate what it means to:


we believe and know


We believe in the art of the conversation as one of the greatest approaches to shared learning and exploration.

We believe that artists have a large reservoir of energy, knowledge, and gifts to share with families.

We believe that providing a warm, loving, and open environment where every child feels listened to and individually known is the most important aspect of our Studio.

We know that engaging the child in this unique world of creative play with the direct participation of family and instructors dramatically increases the quality and indelibility of the experience.

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