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Nurturing the Light of Early Childhood
Since 2000

Studio Twos 

Enrolling for FALL 2024 

throughout the Summer 


Studio Twos is friendship, joy, & creativity with music, art, & nature!


Venni Studio Twos nurtures the two-year-old age group to joyously connect with friends and co-teachers through arts- and creativity-based learning. The Studio experience as a whole supports the 2-year-old child’s collective and individual holistic growth through a perceptive, patient, and loving approach. Together, with friends and co-teachers, the children play and imagine through activities in art, music, yoga, movement, story, sculpture, building, and outdoor nature exploration. 


Water and sand play, and outdoor adventures are a 

daily part of the program.


 In the approach of Studio Creative Play, Venni Studio Twos nourishes relationship-based programming as a primary tool for inspired learning and enrichment. Here, children are listened to and celebrated as individuals. The Twos community of learners are also engaged by visiting artists and musicians who infuse the program with extended exposure to art and culture. Throughout the Venni curriculum, children are regularly shown global perspectives on life and celebration through playful and palpable hands-on creativity. The indoor and outdoor environment of Studio is the full expanse upon which the Venni Twos thrive, both in the organic learning structure it fosters

and the creative freedom it promotes.


            Through the extended Holistic Process Approach philosophy of Studio, the children of Venni Twos are also guided to collaborate, connect, and communicate compassionately and mindfully. Venni Studio guides the young child to love learning and to come into their own creative voice amid the magical landscape of friendship and art!

Studio enriches the young child’s curiosity and creativity in art, science discovery, and musical expression. Studio builds joyous friendship and community in which each child thrives. Studio opens the child’s mind to the beauty of nature and the world. 

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